Robert Carter – Entertainment Law

Based in London, Robert is an entertainment attorney who has specialized in entertainment and media law for the last 20 years. After his degree in English Language and Literature, he qualified as a solicitor and left England for Hong Kong, where he trained in Intellectual Property law.

He then returned to London to work for the late Lord Grade as the Group Solicitor for Associated Communications Corporation Plc and later for The National Video Corporation, Thames Television and the international television producer/distributor, Reiner Moritz.

He now works as a lawyer for a small group of selected clients in film and television production and distribution, the theatre and music and the Internet and has begun a separate career as a film producer.

Arnie Kinbrum – Marketing and Sales Consultant

Arnie graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Technology and Management from Bradford University and subsequently earned an MBA from the School of Management of the same university.

He has spent over 20 years in the UK media industry with periods at both Yorkshire and Central Television in various financial, strategic and operational roles. He was, until recently, the General Manager of Pearson Television International and has since carried out a number of consultancy assignments including an assessment of Digital Asset Management for the RTL Group.

His introduction to Digital Rights Management and related systems began in the late 90's as a search for a storage and distribution solution. He takes a keen interest in the benefits, problems and risks of the end-to-end service provision that will allow media companies to take full advantage of the digital domain.

“I believe that a rights management solution is the necessary backbone for any organisation intent on exploiting owned or licensed rights most profitably.”

Boris Szulzinger – Chairman and CEO

Boris has produced and/or directed several feature films, including 'Lonely Killers', selected for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category; 'Raoni', with Marlon Brando, nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category; 'Mama Dracula', with Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher and the 20th Century Fox worldwide box office success animated feature film 'Shame of the Jungle',  featuring the voices of Johnny Weismuller Jr, John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray …

With expertise in film production, distribution and exploitation as well as pay TV, Boris founded Comedia, the leading independent company dedicated to identify, protect, claim and collect intellectual property royalties of film and television programmes. This includes 40.000 works representing 150.000 different titles, 100.000 versions, 3.500.000 broadcasts and over fifteen million different rights. CopyRight Software was developed for Comedia to apply business automation to rights management as well as to identify the daily programs of 200 television channels in Europe. This allows to check, claim, verify and collect royalty paid to and collected by various performing rights agencies and enables Comedia to recoup maximum value for rights owners from each broadcast of a program by tracking each work through multiple titles and languages. Boris is member of the board of AGICOA, the international right owners collection society.

Boris also gained expertise in the financial information world. "There, I discovered the true value of ' real time ' information. From that experience, I directed my efforts to combine the power of accessing information with the needs of the entertainment industry. CopyRight Software fits perfectly into this model ".

Olivier Bayet - Technology – CopyRight Implementation

Olivier is so busy he had no time to update his CV…

Olivier is in charge of CopyRight's consultation implementation.

Alain De Preter - Technology – Architecture

Alain is an enterprise architect, methodologist and an IT strategist.

A software engineer, he started in 1983 at UCB (Belgium) as architect and developer of a relational database management system and of an email system. In 1989, he was architect for an object-oriented development platform at CPU2I (Paris).

Alain joined the R&D department of Borland Int. (California) in 1991. He is the architect of the Paradox Workgroup Desktop and the co-architect of Borland's Obex workgroup software. In 1996 he moved to SWIFT where he was the architect of a distributed application development environment and the designer of an UML methodology that is used to model and generate business transaction simulations. Alain is the architect of SWIFT Next Generation Standards. He is an active member of TMWG and ebXML, the standardization bodies defining methodologies for e-business.

Alain De Preter and Boris Szulzinger started their collaboration on automated rights management solutions in 1989.

Alain is CopyRight's system architect.

Denis Gillet - Technology – IT Infrastructure

Denis is a high level specialist in LAN and WAN design and implementation as well as in Microsoft server software-based solutions.

After his degree in Medicine at the University of Brussels and while practicing, he led the development of a medical software package. He was also involved in the EEC-funded research project 'The Good European Health Record - Advanced Informatics in Medicine'. As head of a VAR and consultancy firm, he caters for the needs of a selected group of clients including the European offices of ScreenExchange and Comedia.

Denis is in charge of supervising CopyRight's clients IT infrastructure.

Marc Van Camp - Technology – CopyRight Implementation

Marc has over 18 years experience in the design and application of high technology.

After graduating with a degree of Civil Engineering in Electronics, he started working with Alcatel Bell where he was responsible for the Computer Aided Design department for Very Large Scale Integration and Printed Circuit Boards. In that job Marc was also responsible for the standardizing common design tools over European Design Centers.

In 1990 he joined Canon Business Machines as a system consultant. This gave him experience of developing technical marketing strategies and exposed him to the digital imaging business. At Canon he became responsible for developing and implementing a technical knowledge base and customer call tracking service.

Marc is in charge of the CopyRight's management implementation.

Gary Venter - Design

Gary is an Architect who specializes in new-media design.

Born in Zimbabwe, he picked up an Architectural degree in Cape Town, South Africa, before spending 5 years in London as Project Architect for the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, concurrently helping design and develop a range of medical diagnostic machinery — and developing a fascination for using computers as a design tool.

In 1991 he arrived in Sydney, Australia, and honed his skills designing projects ranging from a travelling exhibition for the Australian Museum to an inner-city school. After lecturing in Design and Computers at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, he changed his focus to the fledgling world-wide-web. His web designs have twice won 'Best Use of Multimedia' in the Australian Internet Awards.

Gary is intrigued by the challenge of marrying design and complexity, and can usually be found in his Modernist home-office designing and developing user-interfaces for custom clients.